Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Using your OpenID to access your OfficeBooks account

Through our development process, we planned to use Microsoft's LiveID to authenticate users. It has worked well for us.  However, signals from Microsoft with respect to support for OpenID, or the future of LiveID in general are unclear.  Microsoft remains a "sustaining corporate member" of the OpenID project, so we have high hopes that, eventually, LiveID will join the OpenID fold. 

We are working to accept OpenID logins and expect to be able to support OpenID shortly.

The OpenID project is broadly supported.  You probably already have login credentials from one of several OpenID providers.  These include Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Flikr.

For more information on the OpenID project and its benefits, see the OpenID Foundation website.

Open-book management, with OfficeBooks

One of the key elements of our design philosophy for OfficeBooks was to support an open-book management style for our users. 

With OfficeBooks, your team shares access to company performance information and activity details.

As members of your staff use OfficeBooks to generate new quotations, ship product to customers, or issue purchase orders, that "news" is delivered to all users within your business via the Dashboard and the event ticker at the top of each screen.

High-level details, such as your current backlog and the current month's bookings and billings are displayed on the dashboard alongside action items.  "Looking at the numbers" becomes normal practice for everyone in the company.  This is central to the open-book approach.

Uncomfortable with this whole open-book thing?

We understand that not all business owners are keen to adopt the open-book approach.  Don't worry, you can use our user-role settings to control which users are able to view financial details. 

Launch date: September 20, 2011

We are very pleased to select a September 20th as the launch date for the OfficeBooks beta test.  

The past few months have seen OfficeBooks really come together as a functional application and we are excited to begin to share its benefits with you.

Track inventory, contacts, sales, and purchasing - even manage manufacturing operations - in the cloud. 

It's not too late to join the list of beta testers.  Just visit and sign-up.