Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Right-sized" CRM for small business

Customer relationship management (CRM) is important.  Smart business owners recognize the fact that, despite the relative newness of the term, CRM is as old as business itself.  You needn't get tied up with complex, and expensive software solutions or systems.  Good CRM is possible without software.  So if you choose to adopt a software package to assist with your CRM process, pick something simple.

OfficeBooks takes a simple approach to CRM.
  • Organic data collection.  Good CRM practice involves keeping track of your transactions with a customer (or potential customer).  As you use OfficeBooks, you build a transaction (sales) history for your customers. Viewing a list of sales or quotations to a specific customer is as simple as clicking a link.
  • Internal data sharing.  Since OfficeBooks is designed to support an open books management approach, your staff can provide customers with a seamless experience.  

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

OfficeBook Beta Test now open!

Thanks to the diligent work of our lead developer and QA team, OfficeBooks launched its beta test today.  It feels very good to have started OfficeBooks on schedule and we were happy to see people begin to use OfficeBooks shortly after the first batch of invitation emails were sent.

You can start using OfficeBooks right-away.  Just visit our sign-in page and click the "Register with LiveID" link.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dashboard: the action item window

One of the benefits of moving your business management out of the world of spreadsheets and notebooks and onto OfficeBooks is that action items that result from one activity are automatically tallied and displayed for you.

From your main OfficeBooks dashboard, you should keep an eye on the action item window.  

In smaller, one or two person companies, this will help you walk through the process of order fulfilment.   

For companies with more staff, users can focus in on the action items that relate to their job.  Your shipping person will keep an eye on the "Sales ready to ship" line.  Your office manager might focus on Invoices required for shipments.

Clicking on any of the links brings you to the list of open action items in that category, so you can quickly deal with them.