Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get started quickly with Learning Mode

This week we introduced a new way to learn about OfficeBooks.

Learning Mode is an option available to all registered users. The option is available from the main dashboard and will take you to a special account that allows you to effectively play with OfficeBooks without worrying about making a mess - the learning mode data is reset frequently.  Even if you do make a mess of things - there's no damage done!

Learning Mode is the first part of a collection of resources we are developing to help you get started more quickly and take full advantage of the more powerful aspects of OfficeBooks.  We expect to release a series of short tutorial videos next week and introduce some walkthrough type guides to help you complete typical tasks such as creating a manufacturing work order, creating a purchase order, or building a bill of materials.

We encourage you to give Learning Mode a try.  And - as always - we welcome your input.  If there are features you would like to see, or a specific feature you need help with, don't hesitate us by emailing

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