Sunday, 22 January 2012

Work orders are about to get a boost

Central to any manufacturing information system is its work order component.  Work orders are the key record through which inventory is transacted from piece parts, to WIP, and then finished goods.

The OfficeBooks development team has set its sights on beefing up our work order component into a full fledged production management system.

OfficeBooks Beta version 1.6 will enable users to define work centers and manufacturing work flows.  These work flows will tie-in with your existing bill of materials to allow you to link inventory requirements to specific steps within a work flow.  This is very important for companies looking to implement a lean or quick response manufacturing system.

As we work on these improvements, your input is very important.  Don't be shy to get in touch by writing us at

Version 1.5 is out!

On Friday, we released OfficeBooks Beta version 1.5.

This release includes the most commonly requested feature from users - the ability to delete item records.  Deleting seems simple - but it's remarkably tricky to handle properly from a technical standpoint.  So we've taken a approach that enables you to de-activate items.   This effectively makes them disappear, but it avoids complications for records that have links to the item being de-activated.   Initial feedback on the item de-activation feature has been extremely positive. We're happy that you're happy.

We expect to introduce a similar method for de-activating contact records in February.