Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Manufacturing workflows in version 1.6!

Yesterday was a big day for OfficeBooks!  We released OfficeBooks version 1.6.  Here's an overview of what to expect:

Workflows on Bills of Material

We are really looking forward to your feedback on the new workflow feature.  Workflows are a way you can define the steps required to complete a manufacturing job (or service job).  You start by defining your work stations (check the Settings menu).  Work stations are things like an individual workbench, or equipment like a mill or a dicing machine.  You can also define tools.  Tools can be shared by multiple work stations.  When defining a bill of material, you will see a new section for your workflow.  We assign a default basic workflow - but feel free to change it.  You can drag steps up or down to match whatever your work flow will be.  

The Cool Bit
The cool bit is that you can also link components on the BOM to specific steps in your workflow.  This is a key step towards establishing a just in time approach to managing your inventory.  By default, all components on your bills of material will be tied to step 1 in your workflow.  To change the component to workflow link, just click the edit (pencil) icon and select a different workflow step using the drop-down menu.

Your suggestions matter
  • Thanks to Lisa in San Diego for the suggestion to add support for more decimal places on BOMs.  Done!
  • Thanks to Aaron in Wisconsin for the suggestion to add grains to the unit of measure list.  Done!
  • Thanks to Pam in Michigan and Kate in Italy for your comments regarding custom numbering of POs and Invoices.  We're working on a plan.
  • A big thanks to Ashley in Australia for all your feedback.  

What’s coming in version 1.7?
Version 1.7 is all about addressing user requests.  Expect small changes everywhere.  

Now is the time to let us know about changes you want made!  Just send us a note.

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