Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Public profiles for your business

We are very happy to announce the latest OfficeBooks feature - public profiles for your business.

Get your business on the web

You can now activate a public profile page for your company.  On the settings page, edit your Business profile.  There is a new tab called "Web Profile".  Jazz it up as you please (don't forget your logo), then click the Enable checkbox.   It's a good way to get your information out there for customers to find.  New OfficeBooks users will have their web profiles created for them automatically.

OfficeBooks isn't free anymore.  Beta testers excluded.
As we wrap up our beta test, we have decided to flick the switch and start charging for access to OfficeBooks (It's a great deal at $49 a month).  Active beta users will retain their free access to OfficeBooks.    Beta testers have done their part by sending feedback and bug reports - this is our way of saying thank you (and keep the feedback coming).

Are you lost?  Maybe we can help!
Running a company isn't always straightforward.  Unless you have a background in business, small details can trip you up.  If you need help figuring out what to do next, try asking us!  We would be honored to help mentor you along as you build your empire.  Just get in touch ( with your questions.

Your suggestions matter
  • Thanks to Shane in Louisiana for his detailed feedback this week about purchasing.  We agreed with your input and tweaked the PO list accordingly.
  • Thanks to Teresa in Alberta for her helpful input as we sorted through an invoicing mystery.  All better now.
Questions, comments, or concerns?  Don't hesitate to email me directly.  

Gregg Senechal -

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