Monday, 23 July 2012

Development Update

A quick update for you on our latest development efforts.

As you know, one of the greatest benefits of cloud based software is the ability to benefit from new features and updates without needing to buy the latest version.  You always have the latest version!

For the month of July, the bulk of our effort will be spent on Tax Time Ready Accounting.  This will be a simple, basic single entry accounting system for OfficeBooks.  The idea is to give companies the ability to output reports & data that can be handed over to an accountant so they can do their magic.  This approach is in keeping with our belief that accounting should be done by real accountants - not business owners or managers.

Next in line is support for multiple inventory locations.  This is a fairly common request from users, so we are going to bite the bullet and make it happen.  Multiple inventory locations are very helpful when you need to track what materials are available at you warehouses, jobsites, or service vehicles.  From a technical standpoint, it poses some development challenges - especially since we need to keep the OfficeBooks interface simple.


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