Friday, 31 August 2012

Tax Time Ready Accounting

Last week, OfficeBooks released Tax Time Ready Accounting.

As we've said several times - accounting is for accountants.  We firmly believe that business owners and managers need to focus on building the business and avoid going down the DIY accounting path.

Tax Time Ready Accounting is all about gathering the data you need to give to your accountant.  As you conduct your day to day business in OfficeBooks, the system automatically compiles accounting data for you.  When the time is right - you simply export the data in MS Excel format, and hand it over to an accounting professional.  Better yet, since additional user accounts are free in OfficeBooks, just create an account for the accountant and let them login to fetch your data.

The OfficeBooks approach to accounting allows you to create a profit and loss report for any data range.  You can also export discrete types of financial data (like customer invoices or inventory value changes) for any date range.

We're very happy and excited to be able to offer Tax Time Ready Accounting to our users.  Let us know what you think!

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