Thursday, 9 August 2012

Work more quickly with spreadsheets

Another quick development update for you.

Today the Tax Time Ready Accounting package moves to its test phase.  We'll be putting it through the wringer to identify bugs or points to improve.

One of the features we are particularly excited about is the miscellaneous entry interface.  It allows for quick data entry without going through a pop-up item selector.  It's more faster and more intuitive.   We expect to use a similar approach to simplify item selection in the sales, purchasing, and bill of materials interfaces.

Update your data with Excel
Data entry for cloud based applications can be tedious.  Tax Time Ready Accounting also includes our first implementation of the "update from Excel" feature.   When you need to make changes to several records at once, it just makes sense to work with a spreadsheet.

With the release of Tax Time Ready Accounting, you will be able to download your existing miscellaneous entries in MS Excel format, make changes, add new entries, and then upload the data back into OfficeBooks.

Taking into account feedback from users on this approach to data updates, we'll roll out the "update from Excel" functionality to inventory and contacts shortly.

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