Friday, 31 August 2012

Working with multiple inventory locations

Some OfficeBooks users have adopted a novel approach to managing multiple inventory locations.  It's a simple solution and works very well for businesses that distribute inventory.

The trick?  Add a suffix to item numbers to identify the inventory location.

Take a look at this example.  I can see that I have one re-wiring kit at warehouse 1 (WH1).
Use a suffix on your item numbers to indicate inventory locations

On the items list, I can filter by the item number for numbers containing "-WH1" to see only inventory at WareHouse1.
Filter by suffix to see inventory levels at a specific location

I can also filter by the main (non-suffixed) item number to see inventory levels at each location.

Filter by item number to see inventory levels across all your locations

Simple eh?  It's a nice solution for some businesses, but there are shortcomings to this approach for businesses that do manufacturing.  We're working on a more comprehensive solution.

Thoughts or comments?  Let us know!

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