Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sending quotations by email

Hi everyone -

A quick post with a development update.  Our latest release features the ability to send quotations by email.

To do this, simply create a sale, select your customer and add the items you want to quote, then click the "Email Quote" button.

Remember, a sale is just a quote until you click the "Release" button.

What else are we working on?

We're really beefing up the Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality.  Soon you will be able to send RFQs to multiple vendors and have them quote online.  OfficeBooks will help you identify the best vendor based on lowest price or shortest lead time.  The system will also alert you to vendor performance issues (on time delivery problems) so you don't keep placing orders with a vendor that doesn't deliver as promised.  You will even be able to post your RFQs for public bidding - your own personal tendering system!

Have a feature you want us to work on?  Post a comment, or drop us a line - support@officebooks.com

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