Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Get paid more quickly

Now integrated with Stripe!
You can start accepting credit cards today - it's the latest feature from OfficeBooks.  Just email your customer an invoice.  They will be able to pay using any major credit card.  Thanks to our integration with Stripe, OfficeBooks "full suite" users in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland can take advantage of this new feature.  If you have credit details on file, you can even manually enter them via a virtual terminal built-in to the invoice screen.   

Getting started is very easy.  You'll be prompted to enable the Stripe integration the next time you log in - just follow the prompts.  You don't even need a merchant account.  Just your regular banking details will do.

QuickBooks integration - It's almost ready!

We remain on track to release our QuickBooks integration this month.  The first step will allow you to push OfficeBooks invoices to your QuickBooks account (so your accountant can do their thing).  Over time, we'll add to this integration to keep your items and contacts matched in real-time between your OfficeBooks and QuickBooks accounts.

Have an integration idea?  Let us know.

We have our own ideas about what other applications we should be connecting to OfficeBooks.  But we would much rather make decisions on integrations based on your input.  If you have an app you like that you think could work really well if it exchanged data with your OfficeBooks account - get in touch with us to let us know!