Thursday, 27 March 2014

Development updates - New features

A quick update on some work we've been doing.

We recently completed integration with QuickBooks Online API version 3.0.  This new API version from Intuit allows us to offer proper QuickBooks integration for OfficeBooks users outside of the USA.  Since we have a significant user base in the UK and Canada, this was a priority for us and we're glad to have it done.

The completed QuickBooks integration allows users to login using their Intuit ID, and sync contact and items data between their OfficeBooks and QBO accounts.  When invoices are generated in OfficeBooks, they can be pushed to your QuickBooks Online system so your accountant can post them properly.

The QuickBooks integration also got OfficeBooks listed on Intuit's  We look forward to building our relationship with QuickBooks and its network of Pro Advisors.

Meanwhile, since we've already integrated elements of Google services (Google Drive for file storage, and Google ID logins), we listed OfficeBooks on the Chrome Store.

Sticky Filters and Sticky Taxes

Based on user feedback, we've changed the way filters are applied to the Contacts list.  They are now "sticky" and will be retained if you navigate away from the page.  Selecting "No Filter" will return you to the complete list of contacts.  The contacts list now includes State/Province and City fields to help narrow down the list.

You can now set your sales taxes to be applied by default.  Just go to Settings, Business Profile, Taxes and indicate which taxes should apply where.  We have two other planned upgrades to sales taxes; the ability to define more than three tax rates and the ability to tag contacts with applicable taxes (so taxes are applied based on the location of the customer).

We're introducing new reports all the time - you should check the Reports tab frequently to see what's new.

Next projects...

Tags.  This will allow grouping of records.  So you can view related POs, Sales, work orders, contacts, etc all on the same screen.

This will be followed by a massive re-build of the entire application.  This rebuild will see OfficeBooks work nicely on all platforms.  Smartphones, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows8 machines - whatever.  It'll look and work beautifully.

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