Friday, 24 October 2014

5 Ways to Build an Eco-Friendly Office

tips for eco friendly paperless green office

If your business isn’t making an effort to go green, then you’re behind the times. More and more consumers are expecting the companies they support to in turn support our planet. And guess what? It’s easy. Here are 5 simple, affordable ways to make your business more sustainable.

Embrace the Cloud. 

Instead of printing reports, invoices and memos, save them in the cloud. By allowing your team to access and store information wherever and whenever, you eliminate the need for sticky notes, printed emails and wasted paper. 

Eat Green. 

At OfficeBooks headquarters, we have a Meat Thursday tradition but we try to keep it as green as possible. In your company’s kitchen, make sure to get rid of paper plates and cutlery, and invest in the real thing. You may have to do a few dishes, but it will save a ton of paper and plastic.

Power Off. 

Not using that meeting room for another hour? Taking the rest of the afternoon off from your computer? Unused lights, computers and personal devices should be turned off or switched to power-saving mode. And don’t forget to invest in eco-friendly light bulbs. As an incentive to motivate your team, consider offering a reward to the employee who most effectively saves power every month.

Be Paper-Smart. 

Reduce your paper use through double-sided printing. Never done it before? It’s usually an option under “Layout” when you’re printing. Make sure to recycle or reuse the paper once you’re finished with it. If you want to take it a step further, then invest in recycled notebooks and other supplies for your office.


It’s a small world – chances are several people on your team live close by. Consider setting up a carpool system in the office so you can save fuel and money. 

How does your company reduce their footprint? Let us know in the comments. 

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